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The strengths of our offer are the search for clarity and simplicity and the adoption of cutting-edge technology and quality, with a marked attention to safety and adequacy both technical and regulatory.
We offer a mix of solutions, both proprietary and acquired through partnerships with leading organizations in the industry, which together offer a complete, but also flexible framework, designed to be able to integrate with the customer’s structure: compliance platforms, consulting, external and internal control systems, training.


Your data is stored in Switzerland securely and protected by Swiss law.

Your infrastructure evaluated against strict GDPR, NIST parameters

Your networks illuminated and protected by artificial intelligence systems


Data protection and security

In the aftermath of the pandemic, two related arguments have emerged: Attacks on data security, Working from home. In fact, there is an increased incidence of attacks, especially via e-mail, seeking to exploit the anxiety linked to the pandemic. These attacks may involve replacing the identity of the sender, thanks in part to the theft of credentials, in order to create a semblance of reliability. In addition, many people work from home, making it more difficult to keep connections and systems secure. There are many checklists and materials on how to address these challenges. It may be useful to set some guiding principles for choosing between the various alternatives.

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Data protection and security

Aletheia Consulting SA offers free of charge, for requests received within the period of the COVID 19 emergency and for four weeks after activation, with a certain flexibility to be agreed on a case by case basis, without any obligation of confirmation or renewal, some advanced solutions for remote protection of e-mail and smart working.

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Cryptography and surveillance

Governments are pressing producers to get new weapons against terrorism and cybercrime. FBI believes that cryptography allows criminals to escape investigations and requires that the systems allow exceptional access, while the UK and Australia have passed legislation against cryptography.

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Find out how we can help you protect your business or industrial systems from malware.