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Aletheia Consulting SA is a company based in Ticino, which has as its object data protection consulting, management and process consulting, as well as research and development activities.

The company also provides legal tech services and legal advice, in the Swiss Confederation and abroad.
Aletheia's mission is to make complex fields clear and simple through its services:

  • Continuous improvement  of data protection and security through personalized advice
  • Software development and management, scalable and customizable
  • Development of partnerships with leading companies to offer integrated services

Aletheia interprets compliance with current regulations as an opportunity to create a secure system for business, and customers' image and peace of mind.

Lower effects and more safety

Our software is developed with encrypted databases with high levels of safety, they may seem "different" from other applications, but they are certainly " safe".

Aletheia Platform

Main products


RED Shield

Cloud platform dedicated to GDPR (EU) and LPD (CH) compliance verification





RED Shield Web

Detailed verification of WEB compliance with GDPR (EU) and LPD (CH)





WEB Shield

Control of the external attack surface on the individual web address or as a whole


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Business value


Aletheia proposes itself as a System Integrator in the field of data protection, but to do so with professionality it needs the collaboration of leading companies, which can enhance the proprietary offer.

In this field no problem has just one face and only by working together can we find solutions.

In a complex market, Aletheia is constantly researching how to improve its security offer.


Partnerships     Contacts

Free trial

Start your free trial without any commitment to purchase, it will help you to know more about our offer and how we can help you.

Aletheia now in UAE.

Aletheia is also starting its activity in the United Arab Emirates.

A contact to know us better.

About Darktrace

Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology.

Its self-learning AI is modeled on the human immune system and used by over 3,500 organizations to protect against threats to the cloud, email, IoT, networks and industrial systems. This includes insider threat, industrial espionage, IoT compromises, zero-day malware, data loss, supply chain risk and long-term infrastructure vulnerabilities.

The company has over 1,200 employees, 44 offices and headquarters in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK. Every 3 seconds, Darktrace AI fights back against a cyber-threat, preventing it from causing damage.

Aletheia as Darktrace partner


Aletheia's relationships with Darktrace enable customers to fully understand Darktrace's capabilities and the ability to manage Darktrace in their own environment.

Aletheia's customer support team will provide updates and after-sales information to ensure that you continue to maximise your investment in Darktrace.

Aletheia in the role of system integrator can provide you with advanced solutions that complete the technical offer. 

By integrating with RED Shield you can have an advanced system of complaiants that goes from simple compliance with regulations to a concrete concept of corporate data security.