GDPR-LPD Compliance
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GDPR-LPD Compliance

Compliance to GDPR and LPD should be seen as an opportunity to improve your data management processes.
We propose an integrated approach because the Swiss Confederation is one of the jurisdictions that benefit from a judgment of adequacy for the purposes of the GDPR, and we are committed to guarantee Swiss quality also in other countries.
For every problem we offer to integrate several solutions, because no product is suitable for all company situations or dimensions. We are ready to design the solution you need.

Privacy by design and by default

Right from the first contact we use personal communication techniques connoted by a natural protection of data, “by design”.
After a contact request a “protected room” is opened with WIRE where it is possible to chat, post documents and make video conferences with the utmost confidentiality.
Emails and any attachments are encrypted with ProtonMail, as are replies. In case of a continuing relationship, we provide Tresorit free to use for one month to have a secure cloud to share project documents and build a dedicated platform.

The Ticino open border

Ticino is in the very heart of Europe. This favors the existence of a common area for the development of business activities.
For Swiss companies with a presence in EU that may involve the application of the GDPR, we can provide the EU Representative service (as requested), thus having a single point of contact for compliance with the two regulations, GDPR and LPD.

Not all companies are the same

In data management, a small workshop with ten employees does not have the same problems as a medical laboratory, or a company with peripheral offices. We propose scalable solutions, but we are also constantly looking for technical solutions that are calibrated for different operating conditions. Continuous research into new products and new collaborations is intended to build a strong and flexible infrastructure.