Security and protection
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We have selected safe and professional services, with security features among the most advanced and based in appropriate jurisdictions, which allow us to work safely, and can also be useful to you to add redundancy and resilience to your system, simply and at limited cost.

We can indeed integrate your systems at advantageous conditions with value-added solutions.

Chat and file transfer

Wire is a business secure chat system.

All communications are protected with end-to-end encryption (messages, conference calls, files).

The Wire source code is available on GitHub to verify, modify and improve.

• No advertising
• No phone number required to register, no access to your contacts
• Swiss headquarters, EU servers
• No profiling.

We use Wire to communicate with you.

Cloud storage, backup and file transfer

Tresorit is a secure cloud service with advanced security features.

The company is incorporated in Switzerland and is mainly subject to Swiss jurisdiction, while data centers are located in Europe; the whole solution is GDPR compliant.

Client-side public key cryptography, before files are uploaded to the cloud by applying the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm with 256-bit keys.

Privacy with zero knowledge means that no one, not even Tresorit, can look at the contents of the files.

Integrity protection on the client side, applying a Message Authentication Code to each file, so the contents of the files cannot be modified by third parties, even if someone violates the cloud server.

We use Tresorit to share project documents with you.


ProtonMail is the e-mail service provider at the forefront of data protection.

The company is incorporated in Switzerland and all servers are located in Switzerland, under 1000 meters of solid rock. User data is protected by Swiss privacy laws.

All emails are automatically protected with end-to-end client-side encryption.

No personal information is asked for to create an e-mail account and no IP logs are kept that can be linked to the e-mail account.

AES encryption, RSA, together with OpenPGP, moreover all the cryptography libraries used are open source, so that there is no risk of backdoors in the cryptographic algorithms.

We use Protonmail for our e-mail.