Control Systems
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Control Systems

Identifying and protecting the “perimeter” of a modern corporate network has become a very complex problem.
Data and applications are distributed on local computers and servers, as well as on the cloud and remote servers. Access to data takes place in the company but also from mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones.
A perimeter that is difficult to define and even more to defend.
For this reason it is particularly important to use systems that carry out continuous and systematic checks and, where the size or importance of the data to be protected justify it, intelligent systems that immediately identify any anomalous behavior.

Vulnerability Assessment.

We can run Vulnerability Assessments to identify, analyze and resolve the critical issues and vulnerabilities of corporate technology assets at the level of websites, web applications and networks.

Network intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.

We monitor your network with state-of-the-art NIDS and NIPS systems.