Termini e condizioni

The user is the holder of a user license. A license corresponds to an installation of the program and its database. It is important to note that each license implies:

  • its own installation of the program,
  • its own portion of the data base for data management,
  • your own password to encrypt the data
  • no promiscuity of any kind

Access.  Multiple accesses can be associated with one user license, which can be grouped into workgroups. Each workgroup may have different usage needs, so you can configure different access modes for each workgroup, e.g. different read/write permissions for different sections.

In order to access the platform in all its functions (according to the defined use and security configurations), a system administrator in Aletheia must configure the user(s) who will be enabled to access it. Each user must provide his or her work email.
It will take about three days for a correct configuration. This activity includes the definition and configuration of homogeneous working groups to define how they will be able to operate on the platform, and therefore the setting up of all access, read or modify permissions, if necessary up to the single field of each procedure. Each user will belong to a workgroup.

Once the work of the system administrator is completed, the user will receive an email to the work address with a multilingual message whose content in Italian is as follows:

Clicking on Login opens a page on the browser that requires the user's personal data, the email that will act as username and password.

Since the RED Shiels platform is configured to require double authentication, as soon as you complete the insertion of your login data, you will receive an email with an authentication code that is valid for 24 hours.

Once you have entered the authentication code, you will start the procedure to enter the FileMaker Customer Console and accept the "Terms of Service" you are invited to enter the "Customer Console" to start the configuration process.

Finally, the user is in the FileMaker Customer Console, the command panel useful to start working, but also for some aspects of management.