Aletheia software applications constitute a cloud platform based on Claris and Filemaker. A choice founded on several reasons:

  • Secure, real-time sharing on any device. This means that our application can be used on mobile devices or computers, on the Web, locally and in the cloud. Why such important apps should be accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Use smart technologies like Core ML for image and emotion recognition, Siri Quick Commands for voice commands and NFC reading interactions - all on mobile devices.
  • Data changes are automatically saved every 20 minutes. Backups are stored for 30 days and can be easily stored and restored. Backups are not counted towards storage capacity.

Tresorit is an online cloud storage service based in Switzerland and Hungary, offering data protection for business customers based on its own end-to-end encryption and additional security systems such as digital rights management (DRM), role-based access control and other functions that aim to create a secure collaboration system.

  • Public Key Encryption: Tresorit encrypts every file on your devices before it is uploaded to the cloud by applying the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm using 256-bit keys. Your files are never decrypted on Tresorit's servers.
  • Zero-knowledge: zero-knowledge privacy means that no one, not even Tresorit, can examine the content of your files. Only you and those with whom you decide to share them can access them.
  • Client-side integrity protection : by applying a message authentication code to each file, Tresorit guarantees that the contents of your files cannot be changed without your knowledge, even if someone hacked their system.
  • Compliance: GDPR highlights encryption as one of the technological measures to ensure data protection and compliance. With Tresorit's end-to-end encryption technology, encryption keys that unlock data are stored on the client side, on the device. Unlike in-transit or at-rest encryption, only the team sharing the information has access to it.