Privacy policy

The privacy policy is a legal document, a statement that specifies the policy adopted in the collection, storage and release of personal information of those who visit the website. It informs users about what specific information is collected and whether it is kept confidential, shared with partners or sold to other companies or businesses.

Here is proposed a check-list to verify compliance with current legislation, of which we give a brief description

General data:

The items contained in this section must be filled in for each privacy policy of the website, check if the information contains the identity of who manages the data, the purpose for which the data are collected and on what legal basis, if there are the conditions of mandatory provision of data and for how long they will be stored.

Transfer of data outside the EU :

The items included in this section must be filled in if the data being processed are transferred to third countries, for example to data controllers such as cloud service providers, CRM, newsletter outsourcing, or other operators.

Processing based on consensus:

The item contained in this section must be filled in if in the management of the website to be included in the information there are processing operations based on the consensus of the data subjects.

Automatic decisions and profiling:

The items in this section must be filled in if user profiling is included among the processing operations, and if automated decisions are taken with a legal or otherwise significant impact on the data subjects.


The items contained in this section concern the necessary indication in the information on the rights that can be exercised by the interested parties.

Legitimate interest:

The entry in this section must be filled in if there is a legitimate interest among the legal bases indicated.

All fields contain a short description that helps to fill in the form.

In the form prepared with regard to Swiss legislation, there is a link to a document issued by the Federal Data Protection and Transparency Commissioner FDPIC.
"Explanations concerning the communication of personal data abroad according to the revised DPA".