This form verifies that certain contractual conditions of use or purchase of goods or services are respected, in detail we have

Product or service description:

Indicates whether the terms of use include a precise description of the product or service provided through the website as far as possible, and whether it is specified that any information services provided do not constitute an advice.

Terms of supply:

Indicates whether the terms and conditions of supply of the goods and services offered through the website are clarified in the terms of use, whether they are available against payment or free of charge, and what are the detailed procedures with which the related activities are carried out, including how to handle any returns and complaints.

Representations and Guarantees:

If the service consists of information services present directly on the site, it indicates whether the guarantees and responsibilities that the organization assumes are clarified, providing for their exclusion to the maximum extent within the limits of the law.

Intellectual property rights:

Indicates whether the terms of use clarify the rights of intellectual property of the content of the site and other information provided to users.

Dispute resolution:

Indicates whether the terms of use include the means of resolving any disputes, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, applicable law and jurisdiction, taking into account any reservations in favour of consumers.

All fields contain a short description that helps to fill in the form.

The Swiss legislation is very specific and finalized to the respect of the contractual guarantees towards the user in case of purchase of goods and services. Below is a brief description.


Indicates whether the warranty conditions that applied to the goods or services sold at the time of the transaction are stated.

Data protection:

Indicates whether the use of the data collected is declared, the encryption techniques used and other data protection measures adopted by the owner of the site.


Indicates whether the conditions of invoicing, payment, imposition and measurement of taxes, etc. are declared.


Indicates whether the areas where delivery is made, delivery times, etc. are declared.


Indicates whether the delivery area, delivery time, etc. are declared: Indicates whether the division of responsibilities is clarified, in case of damage to the goods during transport and other possible negative events.


Indicates whether the return or exchange procedure is declared.

Applicable law and jurisdiction:

Indicates whether applicable law is declared and competent court in case of litigation.

All fields contain a short description that helps to fill in the form.