This sheet is used to verify the compliance with the regulatory requirements in use in Italy and consists of six parts that we will briefly illustrate.

General data:

The controls contained in this section are used to check if the mandatory information required by Italian law for commercial companies that have a web presence are included.

S.p.A., S.A.p.A., S.R.L.:

The following entries must be completed if the holder has one of the indicated legal forms, i.e. if it is a joint-stock company.


The entries in this section must be filled in if the website contains offers of goods or services aimed at users who can be qualified as consumers. The consumer is a natural person who is acting for purposes which are unrelated to his or her business, trade, craft or profession. The meaning of the identity verification field is better specified through a link to "NIST Special Publication 800-63-3: Digital Identity Guidelines".


The items contained in this section must be filled in if the site does e-commerce, i.e. the sale and purchase of products and services through the Internet (DLGS 70/2003).

Newsletter - Info request:

The items contained in this section must be filled in if the website provides for the collection of users' data, for example through a contact form, and the possible sending of a newsletter or other communication by e-mail, in order to provide information requested by the interested parties.

Technical testing:

The items in this section refer to the existence of some basic technical requirements, which imply some verifications that can be carried out directly by the company through its technicians or consultants. Aletheia can carry out these checks with its own technicians.

All fields contain a short description that helps to fill in the form.

The Swiss version of this procedure has some minor variations, e.g. the impressum between the general data is required, all minor differences are clarified in the description of each field.

In the E-Commerce section, please note the link to the document "Ordinance on the indication of prices" issued by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.